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Since starting the online Zoom sessions in March last year, I’ve been so impressed with the progress made by the students attending regular online training.

In my opinion, group training is the best way to learn and develop in Taekwon-Do. However, there are a few advantages to 1-2-1 training. These sessions should be used as an additional tool to enhance your development.


The first and most obvious advantage is the personal input you get from your instructor, focusing on you alone. The weaker areas of your training can be targeted while at the same time building on your strengths. The individual attention allows for a detailed analysis of your TKD. All students develop the odd bad habit and a focused session can help spot and eliminate them.

At times during a your Taekwon-Do journey, you may hit a plateau where you feel you are no longer making much progress. A 1-2-1 session can help you break through that wall and renew your drive to improve. When appropriate I will recommend specific additional exercises tailored to your needs.

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The bottom-line is having regular 1-2-1 sessions will raise a student’s overall motivation. Having seen the progress made by students in these sessions I am making this resource available to all, from this point onwards.

To book your session contact me either on email:

or Whatsapp.

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