Brighton Martial Arts

Saturday 18th April 2020

For yellow belts and above the grading will be split in 2 parts. There will be a grading class in the morning from 11 am till 1 pm where you will be assessed on step sparring and any flying kicks that are part of your grading syllabus. Then the test be run from 2 pm.

For all white belts, 10th kups, 9th kups (yellow tags & black stripes) the grading will run from 4 pm.


University of Brighton Sports Centre, Village Way, Falmer, BrightonBN1 9PH

To apply you must return a completed grading form in advance. Please obtain a grading form from your instructor.

Please ensure you are not wearing any jewelry including any earrings. Red belts need to have full sparring safety equipment.

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