Black Belts


We are very proud at Brighton & Hove Taekwon-Do of the standard of the training and the standard of the Black Belts. Students grade for each of their gradings under Grand Master Donato Nardizzi 9th Degree, President of ITF England and President of Taekwon-Do Impact. Grand Master Nardizzi also heads up the Children's Development Program within the ITF having authored the Taekwon-Do Kids Development Book now being delivered across all ITF throughout the world.


Students who have earned their Black Belt training under Howard Mayes:

Nik Tozer

Steven Bourne

Darren Miller

Sam Tyllier

Nik Edwards

Richard Millen

Anthony Millen

Students who earned their Black Belts training under Howard Mayes at the Brighton & Hove Taekwon-Do School:

James Morris (now 2nd Degree)

Paul Eaves

Shahab Razavi

Daniel Roberts

Charlie Bishop-Williams

Jack Godden

Courteney Newman-Smith

Freddie Glebocki

Berts Norman (now 2nd Degree)

Maisie Allum-Watts 

Carl Clark (now 2nd Degree)

Callum Clark (now 3rd Degree)

Katerina Avramides (now 3rd Degree)

Jo Lee

Damian Phillips-Cragg (now 2nd Degree)

Nico Marshall (now 2nd Dgree)

Santos Alphonso (now 3rd Degree)

Kerri Devlin-Alace

Dylan Coughlan (now 3rd Degree)

Steve Dickson

Dan Hines (now 2nd Degree)

Tomas Howard

Steven Harrop (now 2nd Degree)

Benoit Marle

Roshni Mistry
 (now 2nd Degree)

Preeti Mistry (now 2nd Degree)

Dave Vise
 (now 2nd Degree)

Tom Holmes

Jack Knight

Thomas Knight

Hayden McCarthy (now 2nd Degree)

Elena May-Jones

Cameron Walters

James Padula
 (now 2nd Degree)

Liam Sutcliffe

Guy Lewes

George Hadrys

Lan Xiao

Mark Richardson

Kieren Turnball

Leona Alphonso (now 2nd Degree)

Nick Potter

Murray Begg (now 2nd Degree)

Wayne Knight

Matt Wells

George Garnham ( now 2nd Degree)

Rowan Lau

George Packham

Jordan Tanner

Archie Morrell

Tom Bellan

Milo Megler (now 2nd Degree)

Luke Fone

Marlena Skwira

Lee Rosenstand

Toby Wynne-Mellor

Josh Matthews

Safae Raman

Benjamin Evans