Taekwon-Do Children's Summer School

Summer School 2016

This year’s summer school will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings 10-12 for 10 sessions from 9th August.


Tuesdays & Thursdays will be at St Georges Hall, Court Farm Road, Hove


Wednesdays will be Uni of Brighton Sports Centre, Falmer.


So the following dates:


9th , 10th , 11th , 16th , 17th , 18th, 23rd , 24th , 25th 31st August


There will be a grading on the last day Thursday 25th August at 2 pm at At Georges Hall, Court Farm Rd, Hove


These classes are available to all students aged 5-13 years, all grades.

Great fun classes, but also with lots of hard work and Taekwon-Do development.




This year to include special grading program over the three weeks. Designed to enable any eligible student, black stripe to red belt, to be ready to grade if they complete the whole program and practice to achieve a good standard. This year we have an extra bonus class on Wednesday 31st !


But even attending just one class will be a lot of fun and further each student’s progress in Taekwon-Do.


You can book any number of classes from 1-10 or just turn up and pay on the day.


The classes are £10.00 per class or if booked in advance before the end of July as follows:


Any 2 x classes: £18.00 Any 3 x classes: £27.00 Any 4 x classes: £35.00


Any 6 x classes: £52.00 All 8 x classes: £69.00 Any 9 x classes: £77.00


All 10 classes: £84.00

To receive the reduced fee you must return the booking slip before the end of July


Ensure you get a booking form from your instructor and return before the end of July


We also welcome new students, beginners to the Summer School


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