Schedule of Events

  • 1st July Black Belt Grading Training Session
  • 15th July Xtreme Team Junior Squad Training
  • 2nd September Colour Belt Grading

 Please see below for full details of each event




 Next Colour Belt Grading



 The next Colour Belt Gradings will be as follows:


4.45 pm Saturday 2nd September at St Georges Hall, Court Farm Road Hove.


 To apply you must return a completed grading form in advance. Please obtain a grading form from your instructor.


 All students should stay until you are dismissed as Master Nardizzi often likes to give a short talk to students after their grading.


 For sparring in gradings all Green Belts and above are required for safety reasons to wear full sparring equipment.


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 Black Belt Grading Training Session


 4pm start Saturday 1st July 2017 St Georges Hall, Court Farm Road, Hove

 Open to all Red Belts and above. This training session is run as a preparatory mock Black Belt Grading covering the whole grading syllabus with the exception of  destruction  and theory. Preparing each student for their first Black Belt Grading or their next Degree Grading. You will get a written report to assess where you are  in preparation for  your next Dan Grade.

 Fee £20.00

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 Xtreme Team Junior Squad Training




 The next Xtreme Team Junior Squad Training will be:


 4.00-6.00 pm Saturday 15th July


 St Georges Hall, Court Farm Road, Hove


 Open to all students black stripe and above 5-12 years. Must have own sparring equipment for the training sessions.




 Reward Badges as follows:


 Yellow – 1 Squad Training Session


 Green – 3 Squads


 Blue – 6 Squads + 1 Competition


 Red – 9 Squads + 2 Competitions


 Black – 12 Squads + 3 Competitions


 Gold – For winning one or more Gold Medals in a Competition


 Hwa-Rang I, II, III


 Hwa-Rang I – 6 x Squads and 1 competition


 Hwa-Rang II – 12 x Squads and 2 competitions


 Hwa-Rang III – 18 x Squads and 3 competitions



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