Howard Mayes 4th Degree International Taekwon-Do Instructor

Howard Mayes first started Taekwon-Do in 1985 at the age of 21 at the Sevenoaks Taekwon-Do School in Kent under Mr Edmund Chow 2nd Degree. He had success in competition winning a few regional competitions and gaining a Silver for sparring in the British Championships when a Red Belt Black Tag.


During his progress to Black Belt and after attaining 1st Degree, with permission of his instructor Mr Chow, Howard trained with many top instructors including but not least Master Donato Nardizzi, Master Jim Hogan, Grand Master Kim Ung Chol, Master Sheena Sutherland, Grand Master Kim Bok Man, Mr Philip Hawkins, Mr Andrew Delaney. This helped Howard gain a wide knowledge of different teaching styles and gained a spread of knowledge from different perspectives of Taekwon-Do.


After assisting his own instructor in running the Bromley Taekwon-Do School for a year Howard earned his Black Belt on 25th March 1990 and opened his first school 6 months later in East Grinstead and a second school in Crowborough 6 months later.


The schools grew quickly and earned a reputation in competitions with three of his first students all becoming national champions in their first year of practice.

Earning his 2nd degree on 26th September 1993 Howard progressed as an instructor and took over the Haywards Heath School.


During this time these schools produced many national champions in competition and in under 5 years trained 8 students to Black Belt.


In 1995, after 6 years of teaching and 5 years of being full-time, Howard decided to take some time out of Taekwon-Do. After a break away from teaching and training he came back to open the school in Brighton and Hove in 2001 with Taekwon-Do Impact Association.

Since his return Howard has been training with Master Donato Nardizzi 8th Degree.

For those who've had time out from training he can sympathise with how hard it is to get back into shape and regain their fitness. But don't give up. It gave Howard a new perspective and a deeper understanding about the development of Taekwon-Do technique.


In June 2008 Howard earned his 4th Degree and became an ITF International Instructor.


Brighton & Hove Taekwon-Do since then has gone on to achieve fantastic growth and terrific results, with 13 classes a week and national champions as young as 6 years old. Several of the Brighton students have been selected for the England team and competed in National, European and World Championships. In September of 2015, Brighton & Hove Taekwon-Do achieved yet another milestone with 51 of the Brighton students having now earned the accolade of Black Belt.