Impact Open Taekwon-Do Championships

1.0 Venue, Dates and accommodation

1.1 Dates

The competition will be held on Saturday 7th March 2020. All competitors must register and weigh in at their weigh in time – please see Section 9.0 for schedule.

1.2 Venue

The competition will be held at the University of Brighton Sports Centre, Village Way, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9PH

2.0 Rules and requirement

2.1 Rules

The competition will be run in accordance with ITF competition rules, except where specified otherwise in this invitation

2.2 Competitor Requirements

Competitors must be Yellow Belt to Black Belt. This competition is open to Taekwon-Do competitors of any Taekwon-Do style, affiliation or association

All competitors must wear a Taekwon-Do Dobok and hold a valid licence

2.3 Referee Requirements

All clubs or schools entering the competition must provide a minimum of one referee per 1-15 students; two referees for 16 to 30 students inclusive; three referees for over 30 students.

Instructors will be required to make a referee deposit of £15 per 1-15 students (max £45), which will be refunded at the end of the competition (provided the required number of referees stay for the whole duration).

All referee names must be entered on the official entry form by the deadline. Please send as many officials as possible to ensure the smooth running of the competition.

2.4 Referee Attire

Referees must wear a navy blue suit with a white shirt, white trainers and an appropriately navy tie.

2.5 Protection Equipment Requirements

The following equipment is mandatory for each age category, otherwise competitors will not be able to take part:

Under 13’s                             13 yrs. and over                     18 yrs. and over

Head Guard                            Head Guard                            Head Guard

Mouth Guard                          Mouth Guard                          Mouth Guard

Closed fingered gloves           Closed fingered gloves           Closed fingered gloves

Groin guard (Male)                 Groin guard (Male)                 Groin guard (Male)

Shin Guards                            Shin Guards                            Feet Pads

Feet pads                                 Feet Pads

3.0 FEES

            3.1 Competitor Fees

For entry fees are: £25 to enter the tournament and a competitor can compete in any or all events.

No refunds will be given after the closing date for any reason even if a competitor withdraws or is disqualified.

            3.2 Spectator Fees

The cost for spectators is £5.00 for the whole day.

Under 5 yrs. go free.

            3.3 Coach

A coach is not a requirement and therefore they must pay the entry fee. All coaches must wear training shoes (no heels) and a track suit (dobok tops should be covered).


Brighton students please obtain an entry form from your instructor and return with payment prior to 1st March 

Please note that no entries will be accepted after this date.


5.1 Entry Alterations

Please note that alterations made after the closing date will incur a charge of £10.00 per competitor. No refunds will be given if a competitor withdraws.

5.2 Registration

Registration is on Saturday 7th March. If any competitor has not made their weight/height (or have been entered incorrectly) they may be disqualified from that event. Alterations may only be made at the discretion of TKD Impact and will incur a charge of £10. All competitors should register at the following times:

9.00 am           Under 13’s

1.30 pm           13 yrs. and over

2.30 pm           18 yrs. and over


The referee’s decision is final.


The organising committee reserve the right to amalgamate/change events/times on the day of the competition.

            7.1 Individual Sparring

            Under 13’s  – Sparring bouts will be 1 round of 1 min.

            13-17 yrs and 18+yrs Colour Belts  – Sparring bouts will be 1 round of 1 min 30secs.

            18+yrs Black Belts – Sparring bouts will be 1 round of 2 mins.

Bouts will be separated for male and female except for the under 13 yrs.  Competitors will be separated in to 3 grade divisions: Yellow/Green Belts, Blue/Red Belts, Black Belts. The following weight and height categories apply:

Under 13 yrs Sparring Categories
CategoryUnder 13’s – Male and Female mixed
  Tot-120 cm
  Pee-Wee-127 cm
  Low-135 cm
  Medium-145 cm
  High-155 cm
  Tall+155 cm
13-17 yrs Sparring Categories
CategoryColour Belts Male 13-17 yrsColour Belts Female 13-17 yrsBlack Belt Male 13-17yrsBlack Belt Female13-17yrs
Micro-45kg-35kg-45 kg-35 kg
Light-55 kg-45 kg-52 kg-42 kg
Middle-65 kg-55 kg-63 kg-54 kg
Heavy+65 kg+55 kg-70 kg-60 kg
Hyper+70 kg+60 kg
18+ yrs Sparring Categories
CategoryColour Belts, Male 18+ yrsColour Belts, Female 18+ yrsBlack Belt  Male 18+ yrsBlack BeltFemale 18+ yrs
Micro-54 kg-52 kg
Light-65 kg-55 kg-63 kg-58 kg
Middle-75 kg-65 kg-70 kg-63 kg
Heavy+75 kg+65 kg-80 kg-70 kg
Hyper+80 kg+70 kg
Veterans Sparring Categories – All Weights together
Four CategoriesYellow Belt to  Red Tag, Male 38+ yrsYellow Belt to Red Tag, Female 35+ yrsRed Belt to Black Belt Male 38+ yrsRed Belt to Black BeltFemale 35+ yrs

7.2 Individual Patterns

In all bouts competitors will perform an optional pattern. Bouts will be separated into the following grade divisions: Yellow Belts (*see also below); Green Belts(*see also below); Blue Belts; Red Belts.

Male and Female will compete together in all bouts.

*For Under 13’s, Yellow Belt to Blue Tags will be split into 2 further divisions: Tot to Low and Medium to Tall.

7.3 Individual Special Technique

Competitors will perform one special technique:

Under 13’s      Flying Side kick                      Male & Female together

13-17yrs          Flying Upward kick                Male & Female separated

For Under 13’s there will be 10 categories, Yellow/Green Belts (Tots, Pee-Wee, Low, Medium, High and Tall) and Blue Belts and above (Tots, Pee-Wee, Low, Medium, High and Tall)

The 13-17yrs age group will be split, irrespective of weight/height, into three grade divisions: Yellow/Green Belts; Blue/Red and Black Belts. The grade divisions will be further split into male and female divisions.

7.4 Individual Power Test

This event is only open to 18+ yrs with the following techniques.

Yellow/Green BeltsBlue/Red BeltsBlack Belts
MaleSide Kick andKnifehand StrikeTurning Kick and Forefist PunchForefist Punch, Knifehand Strike, Side Kick, Turning Kick and Reverse Turning Kick
FemaleSide Kick and Elbow StrikeTurning Kick and Side Fist StrikeKnifehand Strike, Side Kick and Turning Kick

8.0 Medals

In each event, one gold, one silver and one bronze medal can be won, even for Special Technique and Power.

Medals will only be awarded to those competitors who win or draw at least one bout e.g. Three competitors in an event will mean no bronze medal will be awarded unless they win or draw one bout . Categories with only three competitors will have a round robin.


Depending on numbers, the competition will run based on this approximate schedule. Please note times are subject to change:

9:00am            Under 13’s Registration

10:00am          Under 13’s Competition Start

1.30pm            13-17yrs Registration

2.00 pm           13-17yrs Competition Start

 2.30pm            18+ yrs Registration

3.00pm            18+yrs Competition Start

7:00pm            Competition Finish