Brighton & Hove Taekwon-Do Online Training

We are back on Zoom. Starting this Saturday 7th November.

We are doing things a little differently this time. As children will not have as much time as they will be at school unlike during the last lockdown I am going run a series of classes for different belts.

The classes will have a limit on numbers so I can still keep quality of teaching. I’m going to try a maximum of 10 children in each class, each session 40 minutes long. Children under 13 years.

Saturday 9.30-10.10 am Yellow Belts

Tuesday 3.45-4.25 pm White Belts

Tuesday 4.45-5.25 pm Green Belts

Wednesday 3.45-4.25 pm Yellow Belts

Wednesday 4.45-5.25 pm Blue Belts

Thursday 3.45-4.25 pm White Belts Blue/Red/Black Stripes only

Thursday 4.45-5.25 pm Yellow Belts

Friday 3.45-4.25 pm White Belts

Friday 4.45-5.25 pm Red Belts

You will be required to book in advance by at least 24 hours limited numbers. These sessions will be £6.00 (unless you already pay monthly fees. Those paying monthly these sessions will be included in your monthly plan). You will need to pay at the time of booking to reserve your space.

There will still be ½ hour 1-2-1 sessions available. For those over 13 years these, as before, will be included in your monthly payment or if not £10.00 They are also available to under 13’s at the same price of £10.00. Please pay at the time of booking to reserve your slot.

These sessions will be to focus on a student’s Taekwon-Do technique. This will include correction and training advice.

Below you will find a schedule of sessions which you will be able to book with me either through WhatsApp

or by email:

The following schedule is available to book.

Mon-Friday10-12 am and 6-7 pm

Monday 4-6 pm

Saturday 10.30-12 am 2-3 pm.

You will be able to book 1/2 slots either on the hour or 1/2 hour within this schedule. For example Tuesday 10.30-11 am.

For those who currently pay their monthly fees by standing order you will be able to book 1 x 1/2 hour session each week at no further cost.

For all other students or for additional sessions the fee is as follows:

Children’s 40 minute classes (see schedule): £6.00

1 x 1/2 session for students is £10.00 These are 1-2-1 sessions only.

We had a huge success for those who joined the online session before so I strongly recommend these sessions to all students.

Come out of this nightmare fitter, stronger, better and sharper. Taekwon-Do people!

Colour Belt Grading 12th December

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