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Why you need to practice.

The students who have made the most progress with their Taekwon-Do, received the best grades and who performed best at competitions are the ones who practice regularly.

Whether you are training once a week or 4-5 times each week, beyond training in the classes it is practice that helps your development the most.

A Taekwon-Do class has many aspects. There is the warm-up, the fitness specific part of the class, then there will be the Taekwon-Do technique section which may include patterns trainings. After this there may well be padwork and sparring followed by self-defence training. During the class you will get some input from the instructor and learn how to perform the Taekwon-Do techniques correctly. But they need to be practiced.

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Taekwon-Do development is all about repetitive training. You can only do so much of this in the class. In the class the instructor needs to spend time teaching the student new movements and new aspects of Taekwon-Do as well as assessing a student’s Taekwon-Do ability. The student then needs to go home and practice, and practice, and practice some more.

Practice is done for the sake of improvement. Practice, therefore, requires concentration and requires feedback about whether or not progress is being made. Plainly put, practice is not easy. It requires a student’s time and effort.

When a student does their own practice it is important that they think carefully about their movements as they practice. They should look carefully at the motion as well as the finishing position. This self-practice and self-awareness is very important. Just going through the motions, with little attention is only barely worthwhile. It is the self-criticism and self-correction needed to make the greatest progress.

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Try and practice in many different ways. One method is to practice the movements and your patterns in slow motion. This really helps to focus the mind on  overall movement and the finishing position. Another simple method is to go through the patterns trying to perform them as relaxed as possible. Yet another is spot training; by repeating one or a simple combination on the spot again and again.

Try going through one movement at a time and stopping at that movement and looking carefully at each part of your position: the foot and leg position for the correct stance; your body being in the right position, is the movement full facing, half facing or side facing? Are your hands in the right position for the technique, be it a block or an attack. And always remember to correct your head position for the muscle memory.

By going through a pattern or your fundamental movements with this much focus will raise questions into your mind: Are you doing the movement right? What is the movement for? Why do you perform the movement this way? Have a note pad with you to write the questions down and then ask your instructor at the next training session. After all it isn’t just about perfecting the Taekwon-Do technique it is more important to gain knowledge and understanding about how Taekwon-Do works.

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With regular and frequent practice you will become very good at Taekwon-Do and also have a deep and thorough understanding of the art which will mean you will be able to pass on your wisdom to new devotees.

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