Kickboxing Brighton

On Tuesday 3rd September we are introducing a new Beginners Kickboxing Fitness Class.

This will run every Tuesday evening 6.15-7.150 at Portslade Sports Centre, Chalky Rd, Portslade.

The new Beginners Kickboxing class is for all teens and adults (13 years upwards) who want to learnt he basics of kickboxing and would like an intense fitness/cardio workout. The fitness class is based around Taekwon-Do punching, striking and kicking techniques. Body weight strength training and lots of cardio work.

Improve your co-ordination, balance, and posture with this martial arts class that combines body weight exercise, kicks, punches and boxing. This is an intense cardio workout, which burns calories fast so it’s ideal for weight loss. You will learn various techniques such as kicking, striking, jabbing, punching and blocking. Combined with agility and speed drills for an aerobic workout you’re sure to get a complete total body workout.

These kickboxing classes are designed for all levels, people of all abilities and we welcome beginners. The culture of the teaching is designed to accommodate your personal goals.

High intensity cardio work outs with body weight exercises, designed to burn fat and tone muscle, Brighton Kickboxing fitness will help you get fighting fit. Our training program will help you build a lean, toned physique while having a lot of fun and learning some basic self-defence. These are dynamic and fun classes.

A lot of fun getting fit each week. Brighton Kickboxing Fitness class will keep you coming back for more.

Tuesday evening 6.15-7.150 at Portslade Sports Centre, Chalky Rd, Portslade.

Open to all teens and adults.


Just drop in, pay and have a great workout

(For Brighton & Hove Taekwon-Do students already paying monthly by standing order this class is just £5.00)

Kickboxing Brighton

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