Student Rules and Regulations

Please read the student rules and regulation and then book your first class with the form below. ( You will not require your Taekwon-Do Licence for lessons over your first 2 weeks).

  1. All students must have a valid Taekwon-Do Impact licence
  2. Students must wear the official ITF dobok during lessons in a Taekwon-Do Impact registered school. Beginners are allowed to be without a dobok during a trial period.
  3. Students must observe the following safety guidelines and any other safety rules given by the instructor:
  4. During free sparring no intentional contact should be made, no kicks below the belt, no sweeping, grabbing or pushing.
  5. Free sparring must be practiced using appropriate safety equipment. Hand and foot pads, and a groin guard for males. Other safety equipment is optional but is recommended e.g: shin pads, head guards, mouth guards.
  6. Toenails must be kept short, especially for those practicing free sparring.
  7. If you are on medication or suffer from an injury or illness you must inform the instructor.
  8. Do not behave in a way that endangers other members of the class.
  9. Students under the age of 16 may not practice power test on rigid objects such a breaker boards, wood, tiles or bricks.
  10. Do not wear any jewellery or watches during the training.
  11. Food and beverages are not allowed in the training hall, except water which may be taken to prevent dehydration. (Diabetics are the exception to this rule).
  12. Students must observe the Taekwon-Do etiquette:
  13. Bow before entering or leaving the training hall.
  14. Bow to the instructor as he/she enters the training hall.
  15. Bow as you approach the instructor. When walking away do not immediately turn your back on the instructor, bow and take at least 2 steps back before turning away.
  16. Address the instructor in the appropriate manner i.e: Sir/Miss.
  17. If you arrive late, bow towards the instructor and join in quietly at the back of the class. At the end of the class or during a break apologise for being late as this often interrupts the lesson.
  18. When tying your belt or adjusting your dobok turn away from your instructor and seniors.
  19. When receiving certificates, licences, awards etc from your instructor receive with both hands.
  20. Always set a good example for lower ranking students.
  21. Never be disrespectful to the instructor or seniors.
  22. The instructor has the right to refuse admission for the following reasons:
  23. The student is considered to be disruptive to the class.
  24. The student has not paid the full training fees.
  25. The student is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  26. The student is in breach of the student rules.

The Thursday Children’s class is currently fully booked. Please book in for Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. There may well be places available on Thursdays after Easter.

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