Getting started in Taekwon-Do

At Brighton & Hove Taekwon-Do we welcome all levels and especially beginners. 

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Getting Started

Are you a beginner to martial arts? Or maybe you have or are training in another martial art. Maybe, you’ve trained a while back and want to get back into your martial arts training. Or you may just be looking for a regular fitness class. At Brighton & Hove Taekwon-Do we welcome everybody and all levels.

Getting Started In Taekwon-Do

To get started, just choose the day, time and location from the class schedule best suited to and then book your first class below.

You will need to wear appropriate clothing for exercise, something similar to jogging bottoms and t-shirt, we train bare foot in Taekwon-Do, and ensure you bring a bottle of water.

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Getting started at Brighton & Hove Taekwon-Do is very straight forward. We allow you to try out for 2 weeks before you pay the one-off joining fee (see below). Choose which class you would like to try and book your first class at the link below.

One-Off Joining Fee


If you wish to train at Brighton & Hove Taekwon-Do School you will be required to pay a joining fee. You are allowed to try out for the first two weeks (paying for each session you attend) if you then wish to carry on training with the school you must pay the joining fee. This is a one-off joining fee and there are no annual membership fees.

Under 13 years; £56.00

13 yrs to 18 yrs £60.00

18 years and over: £69.00

 (All cheques made payable to: Howard Mayes)

The joining fee covers your:


Membership of the National Association (TKDImpact).

You will receive your Taekwon-Do training suit

A white belt

Syllabus materials (additional syllabus dvd available for £20)

Your Taekwon-Do licence