In Nae

The In Nae badge.

In Nae  – Perseverance

I am now very pleased to announce the arrival of our new and final Xtreme Team badge. Those few elite students who achieve the ‘In Nae’ badge will have shown real and determined perseverance.

So we have now the complete range of Xtreme Team Badges.

Brighton Martial Arts Xtreme Team

For a student who earns the final reward of the ‘In Nae’ badge they will have had to attend 39 Xtreme Teams and will have attended at least 7 competitions but in my experience will have competed in many more. This means by the time they 14 years old and hopefully a black belt they are ready to try out for the national team as experienced, seasoned competitors  –  Don’t miss the next Xtreme Team!

Brighton & Hove Taekwon-Do Xtreme Team

Reward Badges as follows:

Yellow – 1 Squad Training Session

Green – 3 Squads

Blue – 6 Squads + 1 Competition

Red – 9 Squads + 2 Competitions

Black – 12 Squads + 3 Competitions

Gold – For winning one or more Gold Medals in a Competition

Hwa-Rang I, II, III

Hwa-Rang I – 6 x Squads and 1 competition

Hwa-Rang II – 12 x Squads and 2 competitions

Hwa-Rang III – 18 x Squads and 3 competitions

In Nae Badge – 9 squads and 1 competition

Brighton Martial Arts

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