Brighton Martial Arts


The competition will be held at University of Brighton Sports Centre, Village Way, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9PH on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

Open to all yellow belts and above.

Protection Equipment Requirements

The following equipment is mandatory for each age category, otherwise competitors will not be able to take part:

Under 13’s                             13 yrs. and over                     18 yrs. and over

Head Guard                            Head Guard                            Head Guard

Mouth Guard                          Mouth Guard                          Mouth Guard

Closed fingered gloves           Closed fingered gloves           Closed fingered gloves

Groin guard (Male)                 Groin guard (Male)                 Groin guard (Male)

Shin Guards                            Shin Guards                            Feet Pads

Feet pads                                 Feet Pads


For entry fees are: £25 to enter the tournament and a competitor can compete in any or all events.

No refunds will be given after the closing date for any reason even if a competitor withdraws or is disqualified.

Spectator Fees

The cost for spectators is £5.00 for the whole day. Under 5 yrs. go free.

All entry forms must be completed and returned to me with full payment no later than Sunday 24th February 2019

You can also register online at

Registration is on Saturday 2nd March. If any competitor has not made their weight/height (or have been entered incorrectly) they may be disqualified from that event. Alterations may only be made at the discretion of TKD Impact and will incur a charge of £10. All competitors should register at the following times:

9.00 am           Under 13’s

1.30 pm           13 yrs. and over

2.30 pm           18 yrs. and over

For the full invitation please see:

Impact Open Invitation

For on line registration: