Learning patterns at Brighton & Hove Taekwon-Do and being ready for a grading.

The way I teach patterns in the children’s classes.

The first week after each grading I teach the children the new movements for their grade pattern. This gives the children who didn’t grade a chance to go over their movements and practice them to make them sharper.

The following week I then give each child, yellow belt and above, the first 2-3 movements of their grade pattern and get them to practice this in the class, over and over. I go round each child and give them personal input to improve the these movements. Where see sufficient improvement I add more movements of the pattern for them to practice. If a child has been doing a lot of practice at home and have improved their pattern a lot they might be given as many as 10-12 movements.

At the end of this part of the class I explain to the children, they need to go home and practice these movements, but also to practice all the patterns from their previous grades. I also explain that to be eligible to apply (not necessarily to be approved) for the grading they need to have completed their grade pattern in this section of the class at least 2 weeks before the next grading. To be approved they also need to show they have practiced all their fundamental movements, practiced and improved their lower grade patterns, and know all their step sparring

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